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Air Conditioning
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Air Conditioner Repair 
in Luverne, AL

If your AC system begins to fail during the worst part of the summer, that’s a major inconvenience for anyone who would prefer not to spend the day covered in sweat. Give us a call and we’ll get one our of our HVAC technicians out to fix your AC system as soon as possible.

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AC Fan Motor Replacement 
in Luverne, AL

The purpose of your air conditioner’s condenser fan motor is to keep the compressor from overheating. Its job is to cool the superheated refrigerant that moves through the condenser coils of your AC unit, which helps to cool your home. Without a working fan motor, additional parts in your air conditioner can quickly stop working, resulting in even more required repairs and frustration over a home that’s unbearably hot.
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Heating Services
 we Offer

Heat Pump Repair in Luverne AL

Heat Pump Repair 
in Luverne, AL

Your heat pump works much like an air conditioner, utilizing the flow of refrigerant to transfer heat from one place to another. Refrigerant is necessary for the operation of your heat pump in both the winter and the summer, so when there is a leak, you can surely expect some issues to follow. A leak in the refrigerant line means that there isn’t enough to properly absorb and transfer heat, which can cause damage to the compressor and impact your comfort. If you need us to come and repair your Heat Pump please give us a call!
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Heater Repair 
in Luverne, AL

When it’s time for a new heater, you should always look for qualified technicians to take care of the work. Someone with little experience may select the wrong size of system, or they may not follow all of the proper steps to make sure everything is operating smoothly and safely. For expert heating installation in the Luverne, AL, call Flash Heating & Cooling.
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Repairing a Heater in Luverne AL

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"Came out fast and had everything working in no time, very good at what they do!! Will recommend!"

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APS 5 Star Ratings
"This is my first time using Flash Heating and Cooling LLC and I am very pleased with the professional service as well as the end product! I will definitely be using your services again."

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"The Flash team always shows up in a Flash and does quality work at a great price! Would highly recommend!"

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